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DIY Kits

FTS DIY Natural Swimming Pond Kit

This is the entry level DIY Natural Swimming Pond Kit, which includes all the equipment required to create a natural swimming pond. This pond is a great entry level to natural swimming. With a spacious 6mtr x 4mtr swim zone, the kit comes complete with low energy FTS Regeneration Filtration, Energy Efficient Pumps, Surface Skimmer, Bottom Drain and all the necessary pipes and parts ready to be assembled. The FTS Landscape Pro Swimming Pond Liner is of a superior quality and tailor made, the overall size area required for this DIY Natural Swimming Pond Kit is – 60m2.

All our basic pond kits are customisable, the depth and size of the pool can be increased or decreased depending on requirements.

From only £5995.00 + VAT

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FTS DIY Sectional Glass Fibre Chemical Free Swimming Pond Kit

This is a great pool pool for those looking for a fast to install chemical free swimming pond with a ‘plug and play’ theory. This comes complete with the ultra efficient FTS Easy Fit Complete Filtration System, which is especially suited for areas with limited space. The pool is pre-formed in sections and easily bolts together on site to form a swim zone of 6m x 4m x 1.5m. DIY Natural Swimming Pond Kit is free of chemicals and does not require a regeneration zone. The Natural Swimming Pond is easily extendable by adding extra 2m x 4m centre sections. As standard this pond only requires an area of 36m2. The glass fibre sections can be factory fitted with bottom drains skimmers and inlets if required.

Our 6m x 4m pond is customisable as several centre sections can be added to create a longer lap pond. If required for aesthetic appeal a planted regeneration zone can also be added.

From only £9995.00 + VAT

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FTS DIY Hybrid Pond

This beautiful pool mixes FTS Easy Fit Pro Filtration with a regeneration area. The kit comes complete with Energy Efficient Pumps, Regeneration Area Pipework, Skimmers Bottom Drains, Valves, UV Sterilisers and Small Footprint Biological Filtration. It is especially suited for that real natural environment feel. To help with the installation this kit includes 3 visits by our natural swimming pond engineer. The swim zone for this pool is 10m x 5m x 1.5m and has a regeneration zone of 50m2, with the maximum overall area required for this kit is 100m2. However this can be reduced to around 60m2 if a 10% regeneration area is used.

Our Hybrid Pond is fully customisable, which can be made smaller or larger. The regeneration area can be reduced to 10% of the pool size due to the effectiveness of our biological filtration.

From Only £17995.00 + VAT

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